TwiCakes, Cullen Cupakes, Edward Edibles, oh yeah!

2 May

That being said I’m all about Team Jacob.

But, anyway, these cupcakes were a surprise for my Edward-loving friend Agota and not for me, so I fanged out and went completely Cullen on them.

Blood-red velvet with cream cheese icing, some Twilight sprinkles and fresh fang wounds…

It was basically a frosting free-for-all in our kitchen. My mom and I were pretty much just trying everything on these, no matter how funny or weird it looked, and I had a blast. I knew my friend would love anything, and I also knew that no matter how it’s decorated, that red velvet tastes fantastic every time I make it.

I had a brand new XL closed star tip that I hadn’t gotten to use yet, so I used this as an opportunity to get some practice in. I am loving this tip! The swirls look perfect, even without any sprinkles or toppers, and the ginormous star looks extra awesome with something dabbed right in the middle, whether it be frosting, gel, sprinkles or a candy topper. We busted out our $.10 post-Valentine’s Day sale Wilton decorating gel tube… and oozed on some sparkly blooooood. For those of you who know Twilight, vampires *sparkle*, so it was especially fitting that the blood glittered… and it was the first thing that my friend noticed about the cupcakes! Other than the fact that they were hilariously awesome of course ;).

So good. Her husband warned us that there may not be any left after we returned from our dinner and a movie! My foray into the Twilight cupcake world was a success, and I now have some good practice in for when Breaking Dawn comes out… that being said, I swear I’m not obsessed. Let me explain the path of Twilight for my friend and I, and why I decided to craft these cupcakes.

Twilight. If you don’t know about this book and the absolutely insane, hormonal, diehard following that surrounds it, then you have some serious blinders on.

My idea for these cupcakes came from the love/hate relationship my dear friend Agota and I have with this series.

Our guilty pleasures consist of  going to see the movies together, waxing poetic over the beauty that is Edward Cullen’s hair, and, most importantly, buying each other the corniest most unnecessary Twilight paraphenelia we can find.

This was my Christmas present. My Nonna was all “Who is this-a guy? Look at the veins on his hands.” Direct quote.

So I had to figure out a way to top that gift. I was finally getting to visit my friend and her husband in their new home, so I wanted to bring them something that I could Twi-out, but that both of them could enjoy. Since I didn’t quite think this would go with their decor

I decided instead to go with these

And the rest is history.

And Nonna approved.

So how do you guys feel about Twilight? Love it, hate it, or both? Despite everything I said, I am still ready for Breaking Dawn. That sparkly blood is addictive, what can I say??? Guilty Pleasure!

PS vampire diaries > twilight.

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