I’m Mandee, and I’m a cupcakeaholic…

Whew, that was hard. Admitting you have a problem is the first step! Welcome to Mandeelicious! This is where I’ll be sharing my favorite recipes with you, along with my trials and tribulations as I venture into the baking world. My mom is a kick-butt baker. When I was in school, other homeroom moms would step down from volunteering cupcakes because they were intimidated by my mom’s! So while I learn a thing or two hundred from her, I’ll be sharing her creations as well. I can promise you many, many cupcakes as well as other desserty awesomeness. We don’t discriminate in this household! However… we do play favorites, and my favorite is born in a muffin pan and topped with a star tip swirl! So enjoy the sugary scenery! The only thing I ask in return is for all of you to share YOUR favorite recipes with me too!

Other than that, I’m 27. I view the world in shades of red velvet. I listen to songs and picture Derek Hough choreographing to them. I look at Tim Riggins and wish he was real. I watch the Jersey Shore and secretly love The Situation. He can frost my cupcakes anytime… like, literally, because I really have a lot of cupcakes to frost, and my carpal tunnel is kicking in.



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